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Geraldton Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Experienced pool technician to meet all your needs


what we do

Pool Servicing

General swimming pool servicing to make sure everything is working as it’s supposed to.

Pool Care

Regular maintenance where we check everything and protect against future wear & tear.

Pump & Filtration Maintenance

Water pump not working like it used to? We’ll give it a thorough check over and ensure it’s working properly.

Safety Inspections & Repairs

Have you got an inspection coming up? We will give your pool area a thorough check over and ensure everything meets regulation requirements.

Commercial & Real Estate

Got more than one pool that needs maintenance? We work with businesses of any size.

Covers & Blankets

General pool cover intallation and maintenance.


who we are

Geraldton Swimming Pool & Pool Area Specialist

Servicing Geraldton &  The Midwest region, North pools & Maintenance have got all your pool needs covered.

From keeping your chemical levels balanced to council regulation checks, we will make sure your pool & pool area are in tip top condition.

Want to speak to us? Contact us below and we will get back to you.

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Quenton North – Pool Service Specialist

40 Green Street, Spalding WA 6530